Sask. NDP Wants to Know From Province What the Plans are When Schools Potentially Reopen in the Fall

School boards and parents want to know what the provincial government is planning when it comes to safety precautions for a safe return to school, when the time comes to getting back to face-to-face learning.

NDP Education Critic, Carla Beck, says that’s what she has been hearing from residents.

School boards are working on budgets right now, so Beck hopes that information will come before summer.

She wants to know what the plans are and if the province will be funding any measures that are Covid-related.

For instance, Beck says prior to the pandemic there were schools dealing with overcrowding and that hasn’t changed, but now in the times of the pandemic, for safety reasons class sizes will have to change, meaning more teachers and education assistants will be needed.

She also wonders about what transporting students to school will look like, taking into consideration physical distancing, which may lead to more costs to hire drivers for additional bus routes.


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