Cote First Nation Recognized For Reducing Wildfire Risk in their Community

The Cote First Nation has been honoured for the hard work they have done, to reduce the risk of wildfires in their community, with their community FireSmart program

Yorkton Tribal Council Emergency Response Planning Coordinator Bonnie Austman says the award is presented through FireSmart Canada.

“FireSmart is an organization that assists communities, does training in regards to how to keep your community safe by cleaning up your yards, moving any debris, moving trees back from your houses, your structures, and also assisting the fire departments in wildfire preparedness training.” explained Austman of what FireSmart Canada is all about.

“This is a national program, so I’m not sure how many winners that we had, but in Saskatchewan the Cote First Nation is the first First Nation to actually win this award, so it’s a real pat on the back for how we’re doing things and it’s amazing to be recognized for this award.” Austman added.

She noted the First Nation made rapid improvements over the last little while to earn the award.

“They do have two people that are trained in FireSmart, they have a fire truck that’s up and running, they’ve managed to get wildfire gear, turnout gear, from our First Nations Emergency Management they did a community cleanup day,” Austman said.

For their prize, Austman says the Cote First Nation will receive a kit containing t-shirts and gloves, a banner of recognition, and five-hundred dollars, to go toward their community FireSmart program.


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