Impaired Driving was SGI’s Traffic Safety Focus for May

SGI’s May traffic safety focus was on impaired driving, and quite a few people were caught.
The insurance company’s Tyler McMurchy says there were 411 offences, resulting in 339 criminal code charges.
“Last week we shared some very encouraging news about impaired driving in Saskatchewan, which showed that in 2019 we had the lowest ever number of fatalities and injuries related to impaired driving in the province’s recorded history,” McMurchy said. “However, the numbers that came out of the May traffic safety spotlight are one indication that that fight against impaired driving is not completely over.”
He says those numbers haven’t changed much over past years as last May had 325 impaired driving offences and May of 2018 404 impaired driving offences.
McMurchy did say that likely as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, the numbers of distracted driver, speeding and aggressive driving and seatbelt use tickets were down.
Last month there were 356 distracted driving tickets, 742 for speeding and aggressive driving, and 315 seatbelt offences.
“We are used to seeing those numbers in the 4-thousand to 6-thousand range in a given month of tickets written by police.” McMurchy said.

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