Prime Minister Apologizes For Not Recusing Himself from Decision to Award Student Grant Program to WE Charity

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says in regards to the awarding of the Canada Student Service Grant Program to the WE charity, he made a mistake in not recusing himself from discussions surrounding the decision and that he is sorry.

The Prime Minister says he knew that members of his family had worked with the WE charity but he did not have any details on what they had been paid. He also indicated that the Public Service made that independent recommendation to award the contract to the WE charity to oversee the almost billion dollar grant program. Trudeau is facing his third ethics investigation.

The Prime Minister says discussions are ongoing regarding keeping the border with the U.S. closed to all but essential services. Trudeau describes the situation in the United States in regards to COVID-19 as complex. And he says he is keenly aware the deadline for the border closure to end is looming next week.

Trudeau says he also took the opportunity when speaking with the U.S. President this morning to talk tariffs on Canadian aluminum and says he suggested it would be shame to introduce tariffs when the desire is to have businesses and manufacturers get going again as quickly as possible.

The Prime Minister also said access to CERB, the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, is being extended until December and details would be forthcoming later this week.


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