Sask. Health Authority Issues Apology for Events Leading Up to Man’s Death After Being Denied Care at Regina Hospital

SHA CEO Scott Livingstone began his public apology to Samwel Uko’s  family and friends Thursday by saying quote “I am deeply sorry.”

Livingstone says the health authority failed Samwel not because of one specific thing that happened, but because of multiple factors that converged and resulted in him being denied care at the Regina General Hospital.

“The honest truth is we spent too much time trying to obtain his identity and not enough time focusing on his care needs. Also there was a break down in information sharing and hand off processes with key external agencies that further exacerbated Samwel’s challenges.”

Livingstone added that a lack of process around the removal of a patient from one of their facilities left little chance for a “stop-the-line” moment that may have resulted in a better outcome.

Uko was denied twice from a Regina hospital on May 21st after trying to seek mental health supports. Samwel Uko’s body was found a short time after he took his own life in Wascana Lake.


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