Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Calls For the Prime Minister and Finance Minister to Resign Following WE Charity Contract Scandal

Andrew Scheer says there really is no mechanism at this time to bring down the Liberal minority government because the House of Commons is not sitting.

The Conservative Party Leader was speaking in Regina Friday and says while he is calling for resignations and has requested a criminal investigation into the proposed awarding of a contract to the WE Charity organization, the Conservative Party wants to get all the facts out in front of the Canadian people so Canadians can make the ultimate determination about Justin Trudeau.

Scheer has suggested Trudeau needs to resign and Bill Morneau should be fired.   Morneau’s daughter works for the WE Charity and this week it came to light he told the Finance Committee he had just repaid over $41,000 to WE for travel expenses in connection to trips taken by the Minister and his family.

There is an ethics commissioner investigation underway into a contract the federal government was going to award the WE charity to oversee an almost billion dollar grant program. However, the WE charity has paid out approximately $300,000 to members of the Trudeau family for speaking engagements. The Prime Minister has apologized for not recusing himself from discussions about the contract.

Andrew Scheer says he called for Justin Trudeau’s resignation when he says it became clear Trudeau had interfered in an independent decision in the SNC Lavalin affair.  Scheer says his opinion has never changed and he doesn’t believe Trudeau deserves to govern this country.


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