Provincial Funding Coming to City of Yorkton for Multiple Infrastructure Projects

The City of Yorkton is receiving over $2.3-million in funding from the province’s Municipal Economic Enhancement Program (MEEP).

$1.5-million is allocated for next year’s road rehabilitation, $5-hundred thousand for next year’s water main replacement program and over $348-thousand for the revitalization of Broadway Street East.

The announcement was made on Roslyn Avenue in Yorkton, behind an ongoing construction project, where Mayor Bob Maloney said this money will be used next year.

“We’re kind of late in the season for it this year,” Maloney said.

Maloney also noted this funding helps take on projects that otherwise the City wouldn’t be able to.

“We are so far behind on infrastructure especially when it comes to roads and some of the underground stuff that isn’t pretty but we need to get it done,” he added.

The MLA for Yorkton, Greg Ottenbreit, was also on hand for the announcement.

“It serves a great community need in addressing these infrastructure challenges that are going to not only service for the short-term – economic recovery-wise and employment-wise – but also infrastructure that going to serve the community for decades to come,” Ottenbreit said.

Ottenbreit also highlighted a series of health infrastructure investments that is separate from the MEEP funding.

He says a number of upgrades are being made to the Yorkton Regional Health Centre, including improvements to the electrical switch gear and transformers; a complete engineering assessment for emergency distribution and generators; and replacing the 60-year-old flooring.

In addition, the Yorkton and District Nursing Home is to enter phase 2 of upgrading dry sprinkler lines.

Ottenbreit says these investments total around $1.2-million in stimulus funding.

“Also today, I mentioned the 500-thousand dollars we have towards scoping and planning for our new health facility that it’s not a matter of if, it’s when we’re going to get that started,” he added. “As well something that is on-the-go is the 750-thousand dollars for planning and design for the refurbishment and renovation of the Yorkton Regional High School.”

The Yorkton MLA says the YRHS project, expected to take about 3 years, will include new roof, new windows, improved heating and ventilation and updating the school’s accessibility.

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