2020 was a Productive Year for Infrastructure Projects in Melville

Multiple infrastructure projects in the City of Melville have been completed this year at a cost lower than budgeted.

Projects completed this year include paving the intersection of Queen Street and 7th Avenue as well as Toronto Street, water and sewer lines on 3rd Avenue East were replaced and asphalt was replaced between Prince Edward Street and Montreal Street.

Public Works Manager Andrew Fahlman says the approved budget for these projects totalled $2,026,885 but they were completed for $1,563,671.17 for total savings of $441,817.30.

Fahlman says these projects were initially tendered in 2019 but due to a lack of bids, decided to scrap everything and re-post them in January and awarded the contracts by March, ensuring the projects got done.

With the 2020 construction season winding down in Melville, preparations are underway for next year.

Melville City Council approved a motion to use the $441-thousand in savings, from this year’s budget, to complete the required engineering for infrastructure projects approved in the City’s five year Capital Plan.

For next year, Fahlman says they’re looking at more water and sewer line replacements, sewer relining and a number of different paving projects.

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