Manitoba Public Insurance Providing An Auto Insurance Rebate to Ease Financial Strain Caused by Pandemic

The Manitoba government has announced Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) will provide a rebate for auto insurance.

“With this rebate, approximately 675,000 policyholders will receive a total of $69-million dollars, averaging to approximately $100 dollars per policy holder,” said Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton. “Manitobans can expect these cheques after Christmas and into early January.”

Wharton says the rebate will be based on what policyholders paid between mid-March and the end of October.

It comes after another $110 million rebate was announced in May.

“Both our government and Manitoba Public Insurance are innately aware of the financial impacts to Manitobans as a result of the pandemic and are leveraging all sources of relief available to Manitobans to provide to Manitobans.” Wharton said.

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