SGI Taking a Creative Approach for December’s Traffic Safety Focus on Impaired Driving

It’s December, and that means SGI’s traffic safety focus for the month will be impaired driving.

SGI’s Tyler McMurchy says due to COVID-19, they’re taking a different approach with the media program this year.

“We asked some friends from various participating agencies to contribute what they’re asking Santa for, with keeping impaired driving and fighting impaired driving in mind.” McMurchy said.

SGI has complied a video of Letters to Santa asking for a holiday season free of impaired driving, and it’s on their social media.

“While these wishes are all directed to him, he very wisely pointed out that it is really up to all of us to fight impaired driving,” McMurchy said. “And the only that we’re going to drive down impaired driving numbers in the province is for everybody to make those good choices.”

The video can be seen here.

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