University of Regina Researcher Expects Many People Will Continue to Work From Home After Pandemic

After the pandemic, many workplaces will look different than they did prior to 2020.

That from a University of Regina professor who is part of an international study on the impact of working from home during the pandemic.

Dr. Shelagh Campbell expects there will be more people continuing to work from home.

She says their study found some differences by occupation and by family status.

For those who always worked at the office, working from home could be an advantage because there are less disruptions.

People vary a lot in how much they want to work from home, but most wanted to do some work from home rather than all of their work.

A third of employees would like a 50/50 split.

On the other hand, people who previously had some flexibility were less apt to want to continue working entirely from home.

Early indications are that isolation and missing the social networks were factors.

Another variance is family status.

Campbell says whether you have young children, a single breadwinner in the family, or whether you have childcare all contribute to the factors, either positive or negative.

The study finds there is no one-size-fits-all solution for employers because the situation affects people in different ways, which Campbell says it to be expected.


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