Sask. COVID-19 Update: 302 New Cases, 253 Recoveries, 5 Deaths, 140 People Hospitalized



Five Regina zone residents who tested positive for COVID-19 have died.  The individuals were all in the 80+ age group.

There are 302 new cases of COVID-19 to report in Saskatchewan on December 9, 2020, bringing the provincial total to date to 10,899 cases.

The Saskatchewan COVID-19 Dashboard can be found here.

The new cases are located in the Far North West (14), Far North Central (1), Far North East (15), North West (26), North Central (35), North East (1), Saskatoon (59), Central West (4), Central East (2), Regina (131), South West (4), South Central (3) and South East (5) zones and two (2) new cases have pending residence information.

Two cases with pending residence information were assigned to the Far North West and North Central zones.  Two Saskatchewan residents testing positive out-of-province have been added to the Far North East and Saskatoon counts.  Two cases previously reported were found to be out-of-province residents and removed from the counts for the North West and Regina zones.

The seven-day average of daily new cases is 273 (22.6 new cases per 100,000 population).

Of the 10,899 reported cases, 4,707 are considered active.  A total of 6,121 people have recovered.

Note that active cases are overrepresented.  There will be an adjustment in the coming days, as recovered cases are reconciled.

One hundred forty people are in hospital.  One hundred and thirteen people are receiving inpatient care: five in the North West, 17 in the North Central, two in the North East, 50 in the Saskatoon, one in the Central East, 23 in the Regina, one in the South West, one in the South Central and 13 in the South East zones.  Twenty-seven people are in intensive care: six in the North Central, 10 in the Saskatoon, nine in the Regina, one in the South West and one in the South Central zones.

Of the 10,899 cases in the province:

  • 516 cases are travelers;
  • 4,599 are community contacts (including mass gatherings);
  • 2,479 have no known exposures; and
  • 3,305 are under investigation by local public health.

Overall in Saskatchewan to date:

  • 359 cases are healthcare workers; however, the source of the infections may not be related to healthcare in all instances.
  • 2,296 cases involve people 19 years of age and under, while the remainder are adults.
  • 3,816 cases are in the 20-39 age range; 2,867 are in the 40-59 age range; 1,459 are in the 60-79 age range; and 456 are in the 80-plus range. Confirmation of age is pending for five cases.
  • 50 per cent of the cases are female and 50 per cent are male.
  • 71 deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported to date.

Of 10,899 confirmed cases:

  • 3,260 cases are from the Saskatoon area
  • 2,254 cases are from the north area (808 north west, 1093 north central, 353 north east)
  • 2,177 cases are from the Regina area
  • 1,324 cases are from the south area (518 south west, 457 south central, 349 south east)
  • 1,138 cases are from the far north area (709 far north west, 85 far north central, 344 far north east)
  • 714 cases are from the central area (308 central west, 406 central east)
  • 32 cases have pending residence information

To date, 372,405 COVID-19 tests have been processed in Saskatchewan.  As of December 7, 2020 when other provincial and national numbers were available, Saskatchewan’s per capita rate was 233,693 people tested per million population.  The national rate was 323,173 people tested per million population.

Yesterday, 2,650 COVID-19 tests were processed in Saskatchewan.

Public Health Measures

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(Photos courtesy: Saskatchewan Government/Saskatchewan Government News Release)

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