Sask. Union of Nurses Calls Province’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan Optimistic

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses is saying the province’s COVID-19 vaccine plan unveiled Wednesday is optimistic.

However, President Tracy Zambory says just because a vaccine is coming doesn’t mean this should be an end of the road for public health measures related to COVID-19.

“Vaccination programs are are a very good thing and Saskatchewan has good ones for sure, but it’s likely to take the better part of 2021 to roll this all out,” Zambory said. “We can’t get lax in our following of the public health orders, we’re still going to have to mask, we’re still going to have to keep our bubbles tight (and) only go out when necessary.”

Zambory says it’s essential for health care workers who face COVID-19 every day to get this vaccine.

“It is exactly what e expected to happen — we knew that it was going to happen,” Zambory said. “The front line of defence needs to have that important tool to be able to be safe when they’re looking after COVID patients.”

Zambory says once Phase Two of the province’s plan arrives, she asks every resident to get the vaccine to help protect themselves, adding this is a safe vaccine.

“From the data and the research that we are seeing, we trust that it will be a safe and effective tool in the toolbox against COVID-19.”

Zambory says this vaccine is just one ‘tool in the toolbox’ in the fight against COVID-19, adding it goes hand-in-hand with the other public health measures people are needing to take in Saskatchewan.


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