Nearly Two-Thousand Sask. Health Care Workers Getting First Dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

A big day today (Tues) in the fight against COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, as the first 1,950 health care workers are getting their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

The first recipients of the vaccine are medical staff in ICU’s, Emergency Departments, and COVID units at the Regina General and Pasqua Hospitals, and staff at testing and assessment centres.

The initial shots are being done at the Regina General Hospital, and will occur over the next several days and pilot recipients will get their second dose of the vaccine 21 days following the first one.

It’s part of a pilot to test the delivery and storage processes for the Pfizer vaccine, while some of the logistics of transportation, storage and distribution of the vaccine are still being planned.

Phase one of the Vaccine Delivery Plan will begin later this month, focusing on people who are at high risk of getting COVID-19, while phase two is expected to begin in April.

(Photos courtesy: Saskatchewan Government)

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