CUPE Sask. Critical of Province For Not Providing Enough Supports for Frontline Workers Amid Pandemic

CUPE Saskatchewan is criticizing the provincial government for not providing enough supports to frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The union, which represents thousands of health care workers across the province, shared in a news release on Tuesday morning that more needs to be done by the province in terms of dishing out wage top ups and which health care positions are included in those payment increases.

“I find it troublesome that the provincial government is basically withholding federal dollars from our members who are struggling to make ends meet,” stated Judy Henley, president of CUPE Saskatchewan.

“This comes on top of the Sask. Party’s heartless claw backs of funding from people who collected federal pandemic benefits and provincial income assistance at the same time. Their actions make Scrooge seem like a good boss.”

Henley said she does not understand why some workers are receiving wage top ups while others are being left behind. Phase two of the joint federal and provincial wage subsidy fund has been announced, but noted how many of the workers who were covered by phase one of the subsidy are no longer eligible.

“We need to recognize that the workers in health care throughout this province have been working extremely hard since day one. They should all be recognized,” suggested Henley. “Many of us have had the luxury or pleasure of working from home and feeling safer than those who have been going to work every day since March.

She also pointed to less than half of the $56 million wage subsidy fund being distributed to workers from the first phase.


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