Despite COVID-19, Yorkton Business Improvement District Found Ways to Remain Proactive

2020 may have been a ho-hum year for a lot of people due to COVID-19, but the Yorkton Business Improvement District was kept busy.

Executive director Donna Brothwell says the pandemic did create challenges. “With COVID limiting the events and things that we could attend, we had to find another way and we did, with our YBID chats and our Facebook posting,” she said, adding one big highlight was the reverse Santa Clause Parade, which helped raise money and food donations for the Salvation Army.

YBID also released their year-end report for 2020, which included a lot of donations made to local organizations.

Brothwell says among them was $10 thousand for the Save the Grandstand effort, and $50 thousand for the Highway 9 and Broadway beautification project.

“Other things that we gave money to is our Snowarama sponsorship, our (Yorkton Chamber of Commerce) Celebrate Success Business partnership, our (Yorkton) Film Festival sponsorship, the list just goes on and on,” she said.

Brothwell is also looking forward to 2021, with programs like the Flower Pot and Clean Sweep initiatives continuing.

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