First SGI Traffic Safety Spotlight of 2021 is on Intersection and Railway Crossing Safety

SGI says half of all traffic accidents happen in intersections, even though they are only a fraction of the total kilometres of road in Saskatchewan.

January’s traffic safety spotlight is on intersections and rail crossings to highlight the rules and keep everyone safe.

SGI spokesperson, Tyler McMurchy, says on average, just over 25-hundred people are injured and 31 are killed at intersections each year.

Infractions like disobeying stop signs which includes rolling through a stop sign, improper turns, and failing to yield the right of way could cost you a $230 fine.

SGI’s tips include not waiting to the last minute to change lanes, signaling in advance of turning, giving the road your full attention, expecting the unexpected and giving other drivers room by making sure not to tailgate or rush through a yellow light at the last moment.

Railway crossings are another type of intersection but the big difference is that trains always have the right of way and can take more than a kilometre to come to a complete stop.

On average, there are 16 train-vehicle collisions each year, nine injuries and two deaths.

SGI’s tips include never tying to race through a crossing before a train arrives, exercise caution even if you don’t see a train approaching and never be in a position where you are stopped on the tracks.

If traffic is backed up, make sure is room to fully cross before proceeding.


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