Clinical Trials For USask’s VIDO COVID-19 Vaccine Expected To Start In The Next Week

It’s expected the clinical trial for the VIDO’s COVID-19 vaccine will begin in the next week in Halifax.

The University of Saskatchewan’s Vaccine and Infections Disease Organization was given the green light for clinical trials just before Christmas.

Director and CEO, Dr. Volker Gerdts, says there is a site initiation visit today (Mon) and paperwork is being finalized.

Phase 1 will include 108 volunteers with the first being in the 18 to 54 age group, then moving to 55 to 69 year olds, followed by those 70 and older.

The testing includes 11 visits to see how the volunteers are doing and to check for any unwanted reactions.

Dr. Gerdts explains that the first visits could be only a few days apart and then will lengthen for a more long term look at the vaccine, but if the trial is successful, Phase 2 can begin before the end of Phase 1.

He expects Phase 1 will continue through early April and Phase 2 will probably begin late March with testing across Canada.

Dr. Gerdts hopes Saskatoon will be one of the sites in Phase 2 with 1500 volunteers in total across Canada.

He explains it will be a two-dose vaccine like the Pfizer vaccine which is what most of the vaccines are, but it doesn’t have the complicated storage conditions of -70 degrees.


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