Cancellations for Monday January 25th, 2021.

Cancellations for Monday January 25th, 2021.

If you have a cancellation call the GX94 Newsroom at 306-783-4319.

** All Swan Valley School Division buses not running, schools are open.

** All Saltcoats, Canora, Norquay and Sturgis buses

** Mountain View School Division: Dauphin, Ochre River, Winnipegosis, route R-6, GP-1 and GV-1 cancelled

** Melville buses: 11 Tracy, 17 Larine, 23 Gordon, 29 Susan, 32 Dave, 34 Audrey, 49 Ed, 50 Doug, 65 Amanda, 67 Perry, 69 Rob, 33 Lucas

** Yorkton buses: Brett 10-S, Phil 66-Y, Jackie 82-S, Rob 75, Barry 22-M, Cheryl’s 2-Y, Vicki 41-M, Cathy 15-Y, Mel 90, Rogers 22-Y, Amanda’s 12-K Highway 9, Betty Ann’s 25-Y

** Lynn 39-M Theodore

** Cindy 52-M Esterhazy

** Lana 29-M Langenburg

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