Sask. NDP Leader Ryan Meili Addresses Delegates at MuniSask Virtual Convention

The Leader of the official opposition believes if we had a three-week lockdown back in November, Saskatchewan wouldn’t be where it is now with more new cases of COVID-19 and more deaths per capita than the rest of Canada over the past two weeks.

Ryan Meili spoke to members of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association this morning (Tues) at their annual convention, which is virtual this year.

He says in mid-November only 32 people had died from COVID-19 and now it’s over ten times that amount.

He suggests that in the name of protecting the economy the government put lives against livelihoods.

Meili noted the convention’s theme of ‘Stronger Together’, saying that is the way we get out of the pandemic.

He believes the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program the government has announced to help stimulate the economy is a good start, which he says is something the NDP has been advocating for.

He hopes it will be steady infrastructure investment so municipalities can plan ahead.

Meili also advocates for high speed internet in every corner of the province, because access to the internet is no longer a luxury, it’s an essential need.


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