After Hearing Concerns, Sask. Health Authority Will be Introducing Vaccine Scheduling System Earlier Than Expected

The Saskatchewan Health Authority will be rolling out a online or call in scheduling system for vaccine candidates in the upcoming days.

CEO Scott Livingstone says they decided to introduce the system sooner than expected after hearing concerns that people in their 70’s, who qualify when vaccines are rolled out in their communities, but aren’t being contacted. Livingstone says as they’ve been building capacity for mass vaccination clinics, that’s where they were going to concentrate the scheduling system. However, they’ve made the decision to use the system earlier to reduce some of the anxiety in the 70 plus age group.

Livingstone says they are demoing the scheduling system to see how it works, while the make calls to vaccine candidates currently. Livingstone reiterated that the availability of vaccines, which has been changing on a weekly basis, has made teams pivot a number of times.  He says the change to allow the 70 plus age group to call or book online will start in the upcoming days.

Extra Vaccine Doses

The Saskatchewan Health Authority says they have established a process for if there are extra doses after vaccinations in long term care homes or booked clinics.  Executive Director of Infrastructure Management with the SHA, Derek Miller says local teams are required to have people on stand-by.  “If there are doses available at the end of the day, or the end of the session, that they would have a number of individuals identified that fit within the eligibility grouping.  That would be on stand-by, and could be called in to receive any extra doses that might be available.”  Miller says that is currently the process that has been put in place and is required by teams.


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