Saskatchewan Health Authority Release List Of Clinics Affected By Moderna Delay

Some vaccine appointments rescheduled- Moderna delay:

Last week, Saskatchewan Health Authority was made aware that our next expected shipment of 21,300 Moderna vaccines would be delayed up to six days. This delay stems from the manufacturer and is outside of SHA control.
Some appointments already booked will be impacted; however the majority of patients will receive direct notification of their rescheduled appointment through text or email.

Impacted clinics are listed below. Locations remain the same unless otherwise noted:

Community Original Clinic Date New Clinic Date
Biggar March-31-21 April-08-21
Broadview April-05-21 April-12-21
Cabri March-30-21 April-08-21
Carrot River April-05-21 April-09-21
Carlyle March-31-21 April-08-21
Carlyle April-01-21 April-09-21
Carnduff March-31-21 April-08-21
Carnduff April-01-21 April-09-21
Climax March-31-21 April-06-21
Eastend March-31-21 April-08-21
Estevan April-06-21 April-08-21
Estevan April-01-21 April-10-21
Estevan April-02-21 April-09-21
Estevan April-05-21 April-11-21
Eston April-01-21 April-09-21
Foam Lake April-01-21 April-09-21
Fort Qu’Appelle April-01-21 April-08-21
Fort Qu’Appelle April-02-21 April-09-21
Fort Qu’Appelle April-03-21 April-10-21
Fort Qu’Appelle April-04-21 April-11-21
Fort Qu’Appelle April-05-21 April-12-21
Gull Lake March-31-21 April-09-21
Hudson Bay March-31-21 April-08-21 and April-09-21
Indian Head April-01-21 April-08-21
Indian Head April-02-21 April-09-21
Indian Head April-03-21 April-10-21
Indian Head April-04-21 April-11-21
Indian Head April-05-21 April-12-21
Kamsack April-02-21 April-08-21
Kelvington March-31-21 April-08-21
Kelvington April-01-21 April-09-21
Kerrobert April-01-21 April-08-21
Kindersley April-03-21 April-10-21
Kindersley April-05-21 April-10-21
Kindersley April-06-21 April-12-21
Kipling April-04-21 April-09-21
Kyle March-31-21 April-08-21
Leader April-05-21 April-08-21
Lucky Lake March-31-21 April-08-21
Luseland April-01-21 April-09-21
Melfort March-31-21 April-07-21
Maple Creek March-31-21 April-08-21
Maple Creek April-01-21 April-08-21
Moosomin April-05-21 April-14-21
Moosomin April-05-21 April-14-21
Nipawin April-01-21 April-08-21
Outlook March-31-21 April-09-21
Preeceville April-03-21 April-09-21
Raymore March-31-21 April-08-21
Raymore April-03-21 April-10-21
Redvers March-31-21 April-08-21
Redvers April-01-21 April-09-21
Rocanville April-04-21 April-08-21
Rosetown April-06-21 April-12-21
Shaunavon April-01-21 April-07-21
Swift Current April-01-21 April-08-21
Swift Current April-02-21 April-09-21
Swift Current April-03-21 April-10-21
Swift Current April-04-21 April-09-21
Swift Current April-05-21 April-11-21
Tisdale April-05-21
*New Location: RECplex
*New Location: RECplex
Wadena March-31-21 April-08-21
Wawota April-05-21 April-10-21
Weyburn April-02-21 April-12-21
Weyburn April-03-21 April-13-21
Weyburn April-04-21 April-14-21
Weyburn April-05-21 April-15-21
Wynyard April-01-21 April-09-21
Wynyard April-03-21 April-12-21


A small number of patients chose to opt out of notifications from the booking system when they booked by phone. In some cases, appointment times have been adjusted. If you expected a notification but did not receive one, at any time, you can confirm your appointment date and time online- even if you booked over the phone:

  1. Visit and select ‘My Appointment’ from the top menu once inside the online booking tool; or
  2. Need to cancel your appointment, or reschedule for a different date and time?  Visit and select ‘Book or change my appointment.’ You can cancel online even if you booked over the phone. You can also call 1-833-SASKVAX (1-833-727-5829) if you are unable to complete your request online.

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