Both the Sask. Party and Sask. NDP Urging Residents to get Their Second Vaccine Dose When the Time Comes

Members of both the Saskatchewan Party and Saskatchewan NDP are pushing residents to get vaccinated with their second COVID-19 vaccination dose when their time comes.

Health Minister Paul Merriman stressed Tuesday post-question-period that it is important for residents who already have their first dose to be aware of when they become eligible for their second. He mentioned that the Sask. government will soon pivot their messaging to urge people to get fully vaccinated.

“One shot is not enough. You have to get your second shot to be fully vaccinated,” stated Merriman. “This isn’t something you do half way. We want to make sure that everyone from the seniors down to the generation that is getting done right now gets both doses.”

Following the health minister’s comments, NDP Leader Ryan Meili said there needs to be an emphasis from the government for people to not relax when it comes to their second shot.

“We are seeing studies showing, in particular with the variants, that you’re at greater risk of still catching COVID-19 even with one shot,” Meili explained.

The opposition leader also noted how provincial leaders need to keep a close eye on metrics to ensure COVID-19 numbers do not spike during the reopening plan.

“As public health leaders and political leaders, we need to be watching to make sure if cases or post-first-dose infections rise, we need to be responding appropriately.”

Saskatchewan’s 80-plus age category has the most fully vaccinated residents with 25 per cent.


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