This Year Marks the 75th Anniversary of the War Amps Key Tag Service

Through the War Amps key tag service, more than 1.5-million sets of lost keys have been returned to their owners.

This year is the 75th anniversary of the service and Public Awareness Officer Jamie Lunn says the key rings are in the mail and should be in your mailbox soon.

Lunn was born without her lower right arm, so she and her family have been supported by War Amps her whole life.

The Child Amputee Program offers financial assistance to families for artificial limbs and hosts seminars and peer support groups so the children can meet each other.

Lunn says because of the pandemic, they have been able to move their services online and by phone.

War Amps helps children, adults and veterans who are amputees.

Once your key tag arrives in the mail, Lunn suggests connecting it to your key ring so your keys can be returned to you, and if you appreciate the service, donate to War Amps.


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