Multiple Fires Burning East of Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Numerous wildfires are burning in Manitoba, including a handful of fires east of Duck Mountain Provincial Park.

Reeve of the Municipality of Mossey River Ron Kostyshyn says the wildfire situation basically started on Sunday.

“We’ve had a major increase in fires in the Mossey River Municipality and the Mountain South Municipality. The R.M. of Ethelbert has been subject to a numerous amount of fires to the point where the fire department was having their challenges keeping up.” Kostyshyn said.

Two major fires in the area includes a 12-thousand 590 hectare fire about 12-kilometres northwest of Winnipegosis, and a 12-thousand 970 hectare fire about one-and-a-half kilometres north of Ethelbert.

According to Manitoba’s Wildfire Service, both fires are listed as out of control.

Kostynshyn notes the situation with the fire has changed rapidly over the last couple of days “primarily because of the wind directions have shifted.”

“The temperature and the wind conditions have subsided but there’s been a lot of acres that have been burnt up. Fortunately, no residents have been lost, no lives have been lost” he added.

“There is some smoldering but its nowhere near any established residence. It’s primarily in marsh land area that we are concerned about, but at this point in time the fire department is awaiting any change in weather conditions.”

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