Seeding Nearly Done in Manitoba

Seeding progress in Manitoba sits at 96 percent, just slightly behind the four-year average of 98 percent.
Frost fell over all of Manitoba over the course of several nights last week, with the lowest overnight temperatures in the northern Interlake.
However, damage from frost has been relatively limited, considering the severity and duration of cold temperatures.
Most susceptible crops had not yet, or just barely emerged, meaning crop damage or reseed impact was smaller than expected, but still damaging to some producers.
Southwest Region
Cooler than normal temperatures over southwest Manitoba last week continued from the previous week.
The weekly crop report says all parts of the region had temperatures drop below freezing, down to minus 5 degrees for several hours in some areas.
There are some reports of reseeding canola, but damage is not widespread.
Excellent seeding progress has been made, with seeded acres ranging from 80 to 90 percent complete for the region, with most farmers almost done.
Northwest Region
The weather conditions in northwest Manitoba were extremely variable this past week.
According to the weekly crop report, temperatures reached highs in the mid-20’s, but then dropped to well below zero mid-week.
Reseeding activity due to frost events is not significant, as most crops were just emerging.
Seeding is generally complete through the region, with producers now finishing the last few acres.

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