SGI Reports Over 500 Impaired Driving Offences from May Traffic Safety Spotlight

SGI’s Traffic Safety Spotlight for May was on impaired driving, with police reporting 507 offences.

That includes 366 Criminal Code charges and 141 roadside suspensions.

SGI Spokesman Tyler McMurchy says that is the most impaired driving offences recorded since they started doing the monthly spotlights.

“That’s not necessarily surprising when its a month that police are focused on catching impaired drivers,” McMurchy said. “We put out a release prior to the May long weekend, reminding drivers that there were going to be quite a few check-stops throughout the province.”

The impaired driving offences for May are an increase from April, when there were 456 impaired driving offences, including at the time 337 Criminal Code offences.

However, McMurchy says Saskatchewan drivers have done a tremendous job over the last few years in changing attitudes and behaviours towards impaired driving.

He says as restrictions lift and life starts to return to normal, he emphasized the plan for a safe ride home and never driving impaired needs to be “a part of the new normal for everyone.”

SGI says an impaired driving charge and conviction “can ruin more than just your summer plans. Consequences start with an immediate licence suspension and vehicle impoundment. Upon conviction, offenders are faced with a criminal record, Safe Driver Recognition penalties, Ignition Interlock requirements, mandatory driver education, along with any fines or jail time imposed by the court.”

Other results reported during May:

· 727 distracted driving tickets, including 617 for using a cellphone while driving.

· 7,113 tickets issued for speeding and aggressive driving offences

· 525 tickets for seatbelts and car seat offences.

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