Prime Minister, Premier of Manitoba Release Canada Day Statements

The Prime Minister released his Canada Day message.

Reconcilition was one of the main points in Justin Trudeau’s message, in light of the over 1-thousand unmarked graves discovered at former residential school sites in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Trudeau notes that through hard work, kindness, resilience and respect, we can achieve reconciliation and build a better Canada for everyone.

Trudeau also acknowledge the struggles Canadians have gone through during the COVID-19 pandemic, and noted that today should be a day of celebration of what Canadians have overcome.

Meanwhile, the Premier of Manitoba issued his statement regarding Canada Day.

Brian Pallister called the 154th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, a day of reflection.

With the country’s long history of struggles and challenges, Pallister states that it should be inspiration for all Canadians to help right the wrongdoings of the past and build a better future.

Pallister notes that Canadians have a lot to be thankful for, and he is excited for the post-pandemic era we are about to enter.

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