Yorkton Chamber of Commerce Announces Luncheon as their First Post-Pandemic Event

The Yorkton Chamber of Commerce has announced its first post-pandemic function.

Executive Director Juanita Polegi says Community Futures Ventures is a partner for the Thursday, July 22nd luncheon and is sponsoring guest speaker Jolene Watson.

Watson, who is the President of Clarity Coaching and Development, will be giving a presentation called “Post-Pandemic – Have you Changed? Have your Employees Changed?”

“It will be an opportunity for her to talk about how we may be finding some differences because of the time we’ve spent apart or the stresses that have been put upon us by the pandemic and what to look for as we reach our new equilibrium.” Polegi said of what to expect with the presentation.

Polegi says they’re beyond excited to have events once again.

“I know that I had proposed having Ms. Watson as a guest speaker on a webinar and the Board of Directors said ‘No, bring her to town, let the people here her in person’” Polegi said, adding this will also be a great opportunity for the business community to reconnect.

A location for the event will be announced at a later date, and to pre-register for the luncheon contact the Chamber office at 306-783-4368.

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