Manitoba’s Assiniboine River Hit Hard by the Drought

Manitoba Infrastructure is advising people of record-low precipitation levels in most Manitoba watersheds.

Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler says the Assiniboine River has been hit hard by drought.

“The Assiniboine River basin average normal precipitation for June is 92 millimetres. This year we’ve received 78 millimetres. The average normal precipitation for July is 68 millimetres, so far 19 millimetres have been observed.” Schuler said.

Schuler adds that the Assiniboine River basin normally receives 60 millimetres of precipitation in May, but this year only got 36.

Schuler says the Assiniboine River is the driest it’s been since 1961.

“Keeping in mind flows are being affected by the operation of the Shellmouth Reservoir. If we did not have the Shellmouth Reservoir, those levels would be much lower.” he added.

He says the dam is supplementing water for the lower Assiniboine River water supply users, while trying to maintain the desirable summer level for upstream recreational use.

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