Saskatchewan Blue Cross in the Final Stages of Investigating an April Cybersecurity Incident

Saskatchewan Blue Cross is notifying members who may have been affected by a cybersecurity incident.

The health insurance provider says the incident happened on or around April 6th. It was first reported late April.

Some of the company’s data was accessed by an unauthorized third-party.

Despite that, because of the immediate steps taken to contain and minimize the risks, Blue Cross believes the risk of misuse of any data is low.

Data includes personal information like your name, contact information, health information, salary, date of birth and health card number or government issued ID.

Blue Cross says that there is no evidence any personal or sensitive information has been misused or distributed.

The Saskatchewan Blue Cross says the company is in the process of notifying all affected individuals to ensure they are aware and the notice also gives tips on how to safeguard against identity theft.

The letter to members also includes complimentary identity theft and credit monitoring solutions free of charge for two years.

Blue Cross says it is in the final stages of its investigation. There is no word on how many clients have been affected.


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