Harvest is Underway in Some Areas of Manitoba

Manitoba Agriculture reports harvest has started in parts of the Central and Interlake regions.

Below normal yields are anticipated for spring wheat and peas.

Early harvested grain quality appears good, with higher test weights and good colour in spring wheat and oats.

Field pea quality appears high, with low amounts of crop splitting.

No moisture was reported this past week in the Southwest region.

All cereals have rapidly advanced with the heat and dry conditions; and premature ripening is evident in the driest areas.

A few winter cereal fields have been harvested, and some oats have been swathed.

Harvesting in the Southwest region is expected to become more general in coming weeks.

In the Northwest, the trend of high temperatures continued last week, continuing to push the crops closer to maturity.

The reproductive phase of some crops was shortened due to high temperatures and will likely result in lower yields.

There was some localized precipitation, unfortunately some of it was in the form of hail. The extent of damage is variable and being assessed at this time.

Approximately 60% of the spring wheat is rated as good, with the remainder of lower quality.

Canola continues highly variable across the region. Approximately half of the canola in the Roblin and Swan River region is good, while the rest is in the fair/poor category.

Field pea desiccation continues, and harvest has started in the Swan Valley region.

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