Saskatchewan NDP says kids shouldn’t be excluded from current public health order

The provincial opposition are saying schools are buckling under the pressure of the 4th wave and help is needed immediately.

The NDP party also says the provincial government should be providing leadership and listening to the advice of medical experts.

The opposition party believes that the provincial government should introduce self isolation requirements for kids who have been close contacts to COVID-19 cases.

Education Critic Carla Beck says “It makes absolutely no sense for kids to be excluded from our current public health order. Right now, unvaccinated kids who have been in close contact with someone sick with COVID-19 can still go to crowded daycares and classrooms,” Beck added “It doesn’t just fly in the face of what the medical community has been telling this government for months, it’s downright dangerous.”

When it comes to availability of testing inside of schools, Beck says that the provincial government is providing with some misleading information. “It’s suggested that rapid tests are readily available in schools. We’re hearing from schools that they don’t have enough to perform rapid testing for their staff let alone the expectation that’s been put out in the community that just go to your local school and get a rapid test.”

NDP leader Ryan Meili says the provincial government, in particular Premier Scott Moe and Health Minister Paul Merriman have spent too much time in hiding this summer handling the pandemic. Meili says along with hiding from the public, Premier Moe has been hiding the province’s module of handling the pandemic and says the public should be aware of the province’s expectations of COVID-19 in the coming weeks and their plans on how they’re going to handle it. “The module that his government has chosen to keep undercover, release that, tell us what we’re about to face and tell us what the plan is. If we don’t see these brutal numbers start to decrease very quickly.”

The leader of the provincial opposition also says the Saskatchewan government should be asking for the help from the federal government now instead of waiting before it’s too late.


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