Saskatchewan Releases COVID-19 Stats for the Month of September

Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Health released a COVID-19 summary for the month of September.
The province had 13,141 cases of COVID-19 last month.
Of that total, 9,324 were unvaccinated individuals, 913 partially-vaccinated and 2,904 were fully-vaccinated.

66 of the 913 cases with a first dose had underlying health conditions, while 45 of the cases were people 70-years-old and older.
Of the 2,904 cases with a second dose, 320 cases with had underlying medical conditions, and 616 were individuals 70-years and older.
Health officials also noted 2,877 of the more than 13-thousand cases were children aged 11-years-old or younger.
Hospitalizations and ICU Admissions
Also during the month of September, Saskatchewan had a total of 449 people in hospital with COVID-19.

Of the 449, 328 were unvaccinated, 20 were partially-vaccinated and 101 individuals were fully-vaccinated.
Of the 20 hospitalized cases with a first dose, 7 had underlying medical conditions, and 11 were 70-and-older, while 35 of the 101 that had a second dose had underlying health conditions and 76 were aged 70-and-older.
There were 13 individuals in hospital that were 19-years-old or younger and 12 were 12-years-of-age or younger.
There were 83 Saskatchewan residents admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.
71 ICU patients were unvaccinated, 2 were partially-vaccinated and 10 were fully-vaccinated.
One of two ICU patients who received a first dose had underlying medical conditions, while two of the 10 ICU patients who received a second dose had underlying medical conditions and 3 were 70-years and older.
Four ICU patients were aged 19-years or younger, and 2 were under 12-years-old.
Deaths Due to COVID-19
The report also noted 72 people died with the virus playing a role.

35 of the 72 deaths were unvaccinated, while 9 were partially-vaccinated and 28 fully-vaccinated.
Three of the 9 deaths with the first vaccine dose had underlying health conditions, and 7 were aged 70-years and older.
Of the 28 deaths with a second dose, 9 had underlying medical conditions and 26 were 70-years-old and older.
Regarding deaths of individuals 70-years-old or older, seven had one dose and 26 two doses of vaccine.
Caveats from the Ministry of Health’s report
  • Comorbidities (a.k.a. underlying health/medical conditions) include (but are not limited to) hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lung disease, pregnancy, and obesity.
  • The estimated rates are based on cases reported from September 1 to 30, 2021 and the estimated populations by vaccination status, which are based on immunization data captured as of September 3, 2021 for doses administered up to and including September 1, 2021.
  • Although the dates between cases and immunized are not perfectly aligned, it will provide an estimate of the share of cases among each vaccination group.
  • Please note these proportions cannot be used to describe infection after immunization because time to build immunity has not been taken into account.
  • A completed series is receipt of one dose of a one-dose vaccine or receipt of two doses of a two-dose series where the minimum interval criterion is met.
  • ICU admission proportions and death proportions are based on small numbers and therefore will be subject to considerable variability.
The September COVID-19 report can be seen here.
Previous COVID-19 summary reports can be seen here.

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