Around 100 vehicles pulled over during two-day road enforcement initiative in Yorkton, including six impaired drivers

Six impaired drivers were taken off the road during a Yorkton-area traffic safety initiative earlier this week.

Corporal Bryce Pender is a member of the RCMP’s Roving Traffic Unit and says about 100 vehicles were pulled over during the 48-hour time period.

Officers focused within the City of Yorkton and Highway 16.

Between Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon, the RCMP’s Roving Traffic Unit and Saskatchewan Highway Patrol pulled over around 100 vehicles, including the six impaired motorists.

Five drivers tested positive for THC, or cannabis, and one driver tested positive for alcohol, and Pender noted one of them was stopped at 9:30 in the morning.

One driver’s license was suspended 120 days with a 7-day impound and the remaining drivers received a 3-day suspension and had their vehicles impounded.

(Photo credit: Saskatchewan RCMP)

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