Sask. NDP Creates a Northern Roads Strategy

Saskatchewan’s official opposition has introduced a strategy to address the state of roads in northern Saskatchewan.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili says right now is the time to highlight the need to fix Saskatchewan’s roads in the north given that there is a by-election set to take place in the Athabasca riding.

With a general election Meili says the attention is spread across 61 different ridings throughout the province.

He adds the NDP’s Northern Roads Strategy would steer away from what he calls the the “SaskParty model” in bringing in workers from outside of the province to fix and repair roads. Instead the NDP leader said they would improve local roads by using local workers.

The NDP strategy would also include regular improvements to Highway 155 and improving Highway 905 all the way up to Stony Rapids to ensure that it’s an all-season accessible – good quality road.

The NDP candidate in Athabasca, Georgina Jolibois says if elected, she would work with the government to establish an effective action plan when it comes to caring for northern roads.

No set date has been decided yet for the by-election, although according to Elections Saskatchewan it must be held prior to February 15th.


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