Thoughts From Sask. Chamber CEO As He Gets Ready For Retirement

Saskatchewan’s business community and the province as a whole have many challenges ahead, including trying to get out of the pandemic as unscathed as possible. That, from the CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce who is transitioning to retirement this month.

Steve McLellan says businesses, organizations and individuals have to do what they have been doing since the beginning of 2019, and that’s pivot and adjust to an ever-changing situation.

He notes that one of the province’s challenges is also its greatest opportunity. McLellan believes it’s time to take reconciliation from a buzz word to a reality. On its website, The Saskatchewan Chamber cites a USask report from Professor Eric Howe, which suggests, beyond any social or moral purpose, bridging the Indigenous education gap and bringing the Indigenous population to the same economic level as the broader population is a $90-billion opportunity.

The CEO adds that the Chamber needs to advocate for the provincial and federal governments to work together more, to be more more aligned for shared success. For example, when it comes to the environment the two governments need to work together for a plan that is not confrontational, but complimentary.


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