Yorkton-Melville MP Cathay Wagantall reacts to Erin O’Toole voted out as Conservative Party Leader

The Conservative MP of Yorkton-Melville gave her reaction to the removal of Conservative leader Erin O’Toole.

O’Toole was voted out by 73 Tory MP’s via secret ballot Wednesday morning, while 45 MP’s voted in favour of keeping him in the top spot. Even though he is no longer leader, O’Toole will remain the Member of Parliament for his Ontario riding of Durham.

“I felt we needed to come to an agreement and make a decision on this as it’s been plaguing us – quite honestly – right from after the Leadership race, to some degree, but really after the (2021 federal) election itself.” Cathay Wagantall said.

“In our riding (Yorkton-Melville) and I’m sure in most, there’s a real desire to see leaders develop their convictions and function on the basis of their principles, and not make changes in the midst of the flow, which is what happened on a number of issues – the carbon tax, then the Order in Council on (assault-style) firearms, and vaccine mandates.” Wagantall added, referencing issues that O’Toole switched stances on in the middle of last year’s federal election campaign.

Candice Bergen was named the interim leader Wednesday night, and Wagantall stated that Bergen is very capable in leading the Conservative Party going forward.

Bergen faces a caucus that has spent weeks divided and angry over O’Toole’s leadership since last year’s election loss.

And despite this launching the third leadership race in six years, Wagantall does not believe there is any instability within the party.

“We have an amazing group,” she stated. “We have very strong and capable members.”

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