NDP Concerned Premier Siding With Protesters Over Exporters

The Leader of Saskatchewan’s Official Opposition would like to have heard the Premier speak out against some of the questionable actions of the people involved in the border blockades and those occupying downtown Ottawa, and the economic impact it has on our province and our country, but that’s not what he heard.

Ryan Meili says when asked on national television about the law and order and the economic concerns, the Premier responded that the protesters are getting their voices heard.

Meili’s opinion is that Scott Moe would then have been advised by his “handlers” to say something better, which is why this morning (Thurs), the Premier issued a statement saying his government supports everyone’s right to peaceful protest, but not unlawful activity.

Economy and Jobs Critic Aleana Young says Saskatchewan is a landlocked province and 70 per cent of what is produced here is exported by road, pipeline or rail.

“The occupations that the Premier is encouraging are eliminating revenue and tarnishing relationships with trading partners. Exporters are concerned, and rightly so.”

She adds that the border blockades are costing tens of millions of dollars a day, and putting Saskatchewan producers at risk.


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