Ottawa Police using additional measures to address ongoing protests

Additional measures are being taken in Ottawa to deal with the Freedom Convoy in the city’s downtown core.

Interim Ottawa Police Service Chief Steve Bell states that officers are hardening the perimeter around the protests.

“We’re installing fencing and other barriers throughout the area,” Bell said at a news conference Thursday. “In further efforts to our city back to a state of normalcy, we’ve introduced a secured area. The secured area includes almost a hundred checkpoints that will have police presence to ensure that those seeking entry to that secure area for an unlawful reason, such as joining a protest, cannot enter the downtown core.”

This is in addition to the Ottawa Police Service handing out notices to protestors, that say to leave the area immediately or, among other consequences, could be arrested and charged. However, many of the protestors refuse to budge.

The convoy has been in Ottawa since late January.

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