News and notes in the Town of Preeceville

A reminder for residents of Preeceville.

The town has been dealing with several sewer line blockages throughout the year, and mayor Ralph Ager stated what’s been causing them.

Ager says baby wipes, hygiene products, shop towels and grease from cooking are things that should not be flushed down the toilet or down the sink drain.

Ager asks residents to use caution before dumping things into the town’s sewer system.

On another note, a skating event is fast approaching.

The Preeceville Figure Skating Carnival will take place on March 6.

Mayor Ager says skating members are busy selling 50/50 tickets, which can be purchased from any member, with the draw on March 31.

The carnival will start at 2pm and tickets are 5-dollars a person.

Also, families in Preeceville can take advantage of a program run by a local organization.

The SPE Family Resource Centre will continue to run their Drop-in and Play program.

The Drop-in and Play program will run as often as it can on Tuesdays from 1:30-3:30pm at the Family Centre on the end of Main Street.

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