McDonald’s coming to Melville in the next few months

A new fast-food joint is being built in Melville.

Mayor Walter Streelasky says everyone is looking forward to the opening of the McDonald’s Restaurant.

“The community’s been kind of buzzing about this,” Streelasky said. “It’s right along the highway, so we’ll watch this facility develop in the next few months.”

Streelasky notes work on the foundation of the facility has already begun.

Meantime, the Mayor highlighted a number of big projects being undertaken in the Rail City: the new outdoor swimming pool, a new Lift Station, the vertical landfill expansion, and the wastewater lagoon expansion.

Streelasky notes they’ve received 10 million dollars in federal-provincial grant money, to help pay for the wastewater lagoon project.

He noted 7.9 million is between the Provincial and Federal Governments, and the City has to make up for the remaining 2.6-million dollars.

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