City of Melville celebrating National Public Works Week

The City of Melville is joining in on National Public Works Week.

The Rail City has celebrated the occasion over the past 6 years, but the Canadian Public Works Association and the American Public Works Association have sponsored National Public Works Week for the past 62 years.

This year’s theme is “Ready & Resilient”, highlighting the ability of public works crews to perform their regular duties and be ready at a moment’s notice.

Public Works Director with the City of Melville, Andrew Fahlman believes the theme fits his crew.

“It always surprises me how this impossible infrastructure that we keep running on a daily basis and responding to emergencies when they arise, whether they be a water break, or a snowstorm…Public Works staff are always ready to go, they’re always hard workers.” Fahlman said.

He added public works crews are like first responders during natural disasters.

“It is public works on the front lines, making sure that things are cleaned up and everyone’s protected and safe so ‘Ready & Resilient’ I think is just a few words to describe the great efforts that are completed by Public Works on a daily basis.”

National Public Works Week runs until Saturday (21st).

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