New federal electoral boundaries being proposed for Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan will be getting a new electoral map.

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Saskatchewan released a map of its proposed changes to the 14 electoral districts in the province.

Justice Georgina Jackson, the chair of the Electoral Boundaries Commission, said that electoral district redistribution happens after the ten-year census is released.

“After the census is complete, the law requires that the boundaries be reviewed to take into account increases and changes in population.”

According to the recent census, Saskatchewan grew from 1,033,381 to 1,132,505, roughly 100,000 people.

Justice Jackson said that the baseline for the changes is based on the population increase.

“From there, one looks at where the population now resides in order to come up with electoral ridings that are roughly equal size in terms of number but also takes into account some other principles like community interest, and geographic size, all of which are intended to arrive at an effective representation in each riding.”

Now that the commission has proposed the changes, they are not looking for input from residents in the province. The commission will be holding a series of hearings across the province throughout June and July, looking for feedback.

For more information on the proposed changes, you can visit or click here for a look at the proposed changes.

(CKRM | Photo: Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Saskatchewan)

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