An increase in calls for service for Saskatchewan RCMP this past week

Last week, Saskatchewan RCMP responded to 7-thousand 53 calls for service.

That is up from the 6-thousand 658 they had the previous week. Saturday (28th) once again had the highest call volume with 1-thousand 197.

Under the category of “Person Offences”, police were called to 1 homicide, 21 sexual assaults, and 3 other sex-related offences, such as invitation to sexual touching or sexual interference.

Officers also responded to 216 assaults, 136 for harassment or uttering threats, 8 for firearms, 5 kidnappings and 3 robberies.

For “Property Offences”, there were 120 break-and-enter calls, 268 for thefts, and 528 for mischief.

For “Other Criminal Code Offences”, police were called to 112 bail violations, 40 for breach of probation, 19 for failure to comply or appear, and 231 for disturbing the peace.

Under “Traffic”, there was 118 calls for impaired-related offences, 24 for dangerous operation of a vehicle, 1-thousand 490 for speeding, 943 fines issued, 547 warnings issued, 102 collisions, and 2 fatal collisions.

Under “Non-Offences”, police were called 310 times for assistance, 197 false alarms, 193 for suspicious activity, vehicle or persons, 165 for mental health and 23 non-suspicious deaths.


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