Manitoba Releases Conservation Officer Update

Manitoba’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Northern Development provided a conservation officer service update.

In October of last year, conservations officers in the RMs of Ethelbert and Mountain observed four individuals hunting at night, and in an attempt to stop the suspects, the culprits fled the scene.

With the assistance of an aircraft and a K-9 unit, officers were able to apprehend the four individuals.

Recently, two of the individuals appeared in Swan River court, where they were convicted of hunting at night without a permit, and each fined 3-thousand dollars.

The other two failed to appear, and warrants have been issued for their arrest.

In November of last year, officers were alerted of an individual exiting a vehicle and shooting a white-tailed deer from the road in the RM of Gilbert Plains.

The firearm was discharged in the direction of the complainant and an occupied home.

In March, the suspect was convicted of numerous offences including: hunt in a manner dangerous to other persons, and discharge a firearm from a public road, and they received a 3-thousand 150 dollar fine and a three year hunting suspension.

In December, officers were alerted that an elk may have been killed illegally, and a search warrant was executed at a home in the RM of Gilbert Plains.

In April, the accused was convicted of hunting on private land without permission, possessing illegally taken wildlife and discharging a firearm from a public road.

The individual was given a 13-hundred dollar fine, a two year hunting suspension, and they will be responsible for a 3-thousand dollar restitution.

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