Sask. Gaming records net income of $19.1-million in its annual report

The 2021-22 fiscal year proved to be a profitable one for SaskGaming, according to figures released today (MON) in the corporation’s annual report.

Despite the government-run casinos in Regina and Moose Jaw being closed for much of the first quarter of the year, due to the pandemic, SaskGaming saw an overall net income of 19.1 million dollars.

This, after the fiscal year ending March 31st, saw 77.8 million dollars in revenue, against 58.7 million in expenses.

With SaskGaming able to get back to almost a year of full operations, they were able to make a 9.6-million-dollar payment to the province’s General Revenue Fund, along with an investment of almost $221,000 to the Community Giving program.

However, as in the previous year, SaskGaming did not make a dividend payment to its shareholder, Crown Investments Corporation.

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