Minister Of Rural And Remote Health Visits Kamsack Amidst Emergency Services Reduction

Saskatchewan’s Minster of Rural and Remote Health visited Kamsack amidst the service disruptions at the Kamsack Hospital.

Earlier this week, the Saskatchewan Health Authority announced that the hospital’s emergency department would see its services reduced from Mondays to Fridays from 8am-4pm.

Outside of those hours, residents are told to go to Yorkton, Canora or Preeceville for emergency care.

Everett Hindley states that recent resignations of doctors and a lack of nurses and labs services has led to the loss of the 20 acute beds at the health-care facility.

Hindley the province and the Saskatchewan Health Authority are doing everything they can to re-open the beds in Kamsack.

The minister noted that this issue is not just a Kamsack problem, as staffing issues are also being felt through Saskatchewan in communities such as Biggar, Herbert and Maple Creek.

Most recently, St Peter’s Hospital in Melville had its emergency services closed for 24 hours due to staffing shortages.

Hindley notes that this year’s budget has extra incentives for rural health-care workers, while training seats have been enhanced and expanded.

With services being cut back, Hindley states there is concern that these disruptions could stunt the potential growth of communities like Kamsack.


Meanwhile, Hindley was touring the St Anthony’s Hospital in Esterhazy yesterday.

With the town building a water treatment plant, and Mosaic Potash opening the K-3 Operation in June 2021, Esterhazy is a community with the potential of new growth.

Hindley notes that discussions are underway about the construction of a new integrated health facility in Esterhazy.

Discussions includes how the province views the potential of the area before a commitment can be made to a new facility.

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