NDP calls for freeze in funding for school facing allegations of abuse

NDP Leader Carla Beck says she is heartbroken about the allegations of abuse at Legacy Christian Academy in Saskatoon and she’s angry that a student tried to bring it to the Education Minister’s attention, only to be ignored. She questions how you can receive these allegations of physical and emotional abuse including spanking with a paddle board which would leave bruises, and instilling outwardly anti-gay sentiments.

Education Critic Matt Love commends the 18 students who have come forward for their bravery. Love adds that Education Minister Dustin Duncan states he was unaware, but there is a chain of emails from months ago to Duncan’s assistant which indicates his office was aware of the allegations.

The Official Opposition is calling for the government to freeze the school’s government funding until the matter is concluded and to amp up the oversight of Qualified Independent Schools. Love suggests anyone named in these abuse allegations should be suspended immediately, wherever they are working today, and he also calls for an independent investigation into the government’s lack of response.

(The Legacy Christian Academy is adjoined to Mile Two Church)


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