Weather to blame for slow harvest progress in Manitoba’s northwest region this past week

It was a slower week of harvest progress in northwest Manitoba.

Manitoba Agriculture’s Nicole Clouson says fall weather is to blame, with frost recorded at the Swan Valley, Birch River, Grandview and San Clara weather stations.

“Although most of the crops were at a mature enough stage that we should have been safe from injury, there were some younger soy bean crops that might be affected and we’re going to keep our eye on them.” Clouson added.

Precipitation was one of the biggest factors holding up harvest, according to Clouson, as it started on Wednesday, then off-and-on for the remainder of the week. The Swan Valley recorded just over an inch of rain, while some areas got more and others less. Heavy morning dew and cloudy, humid days also contributed to the slow harvest progress.

Clouson says harvest progress is more advanced in the Swan River-Roblin areas, than in the Dauphin-Ste. Rose areas.

Provincially, harvest in Manitoba sits at 40 percent complete, well behind the 5-year average of 71 percent.

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